Welcome to my website!

I’d like to tell you a little about where I’ve been and where I’m going!

My first career was in public education, first as a teacher and then as an administrator in the school board office. After doing my best to fit in, I came to realize that I didn’t “do” politics or bureaucracy well, so I left the security of a salary in 1982 to start my own business (without a single business course to my name!).

My passion has always focused on helping people recognize and maximize their full potential, showing them how to become stronger for work and life. For several years I had a solo consulting and training practice, working with companies to develop the people side of their business. I worked with leaders and employees alike, teaching them how to communicate more effectively and deliver positive results.

In 1990, I was ready to be part of a collaborative team. I co-founded Performance Support Systems (PSS), with Denny Coates and Paula Schlauch, and we’ve now been business partners for more than 27 years. For the first few years we continued serving as consultants, but we became frustrated that there was not an economical, customizable option for 360-degree feedback. We decided to create our own tool, and it turned out to be a real breakthrough in feedback technology.

We introduced 20/20 Insight to the world in 1994, and it was received so well that we transitioned from a service business to a product company. Over the past two decades this flexible survey system has been used by thousands of organizations and more than a million participants worldwide for traditional 360 feedback, team effectiveness, employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys.

But along the way, we came to an important realization:

Neither feedback nor training can, by themselves, change behavior.

We decided to apply our decades of experience in the leadership assessment and development business to create something totally different, a technology that would support months of guided follow-through and reinforcement to change behavior. After many years of research and development, we released a revolutionary online coaching and development system, Strong for Performance.

These two powerful technologies provide the means for getting a positive ROI that so many business consultants, executive coaches and Human Resource/training professionals have been seeking for their learning and development initiatives.

I love my role as President of PSS – I’m responsible for marketing and sales. For me, that means building strong relationships with potential JV partners, affiliates and clients. I’m proud to say that many of these individuals have done business with us for 20+ years and still refer others to us. I think it’s because we’ve never wanted to simply have “satisfied customers.” We’re committed to creating memorable experiences and positive results for everyone who uses our products.

My personal life

I’ve been married since 1982 to my best friend and husband Lee. We have a grown daughter who lives nearby with her husband and two delightful children. They bring tremendous joy to our lives, and we adore our role as grandparents!

Lee and I are avid bird watchers and love being outside in the natural world. Observing nature at work is my favorite way to relax and be “in the moment.”

For the past 10 years, I’ve served as co-chair of field trips for the Virginia Society of Ornithology (fancy name for a group of people who enjoy observing birds and are committed to conservation measures that protect them). I apply my marketing skills to attract new members and ensure they have educational, fun experiences on our outings to beautiful settings throughout Virginia.

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