Meredith As Guest

I’ve been a guest on dozens of podcasts and am often asked back. Why? Because I love to focus on how I can be of service to the host’s audience. If you’re a host – or know one – who’s looking for someone to talk about any of these topics, I’m your gal!

  • Build lasting relationships with clients/resellers/vendors/business partners.
  • Develop strong leaders who communicate well and bring out the best efforts of others.
  • Adopt a “giver” attitude and serve others powerfully.
  • Rewire your brain to master a new habit or skill.

Author Interviews

I love doing video interviews with authors whose books can enrich the lives of others.

On my Author Interviews page, you’ll find a collection of these conversations – and you’ll probably be inspired to read the author’s book afterwards!

Tips for Being Strong for Performance

In these short videos I share lessons learned from my own experiences, with insights that can help you handle challenging situations at work and at home.