Our Story

Before we became the software company we are today, my business partner Denny Coates and I spent many years as consultants, with a focus on developing leaders and building strong teams. We delivered training programs to thousands of people in hundreds of organizations.

While our clients were delighted with our services, we discovered that our programs didn’t have the long-term impact we wanted. Participants were enthusiastic about applying the skills they’d learned, but under the day-to-day pressures of the job, the old familiar patterns resurfaced.

We realized that two things were missing:

1.  A way to get FEEDBACK about behavior

To help people become more aware of the impact of their behavior on others – and on their overall effectiveness – we knew they needed FEEDBACK. We created our 20/20 Insight Gold as a way for people to get a reality check. It’s easy to collect input from those who work closely with them, such as their manager, coworkers and customers. They discover what those folks appreciate about their current performance, and what changes or improvements they’d like to see.


Taking courses, reading books and watching videos can be helpful. But these activities by themselves can’t build people skills and personal strengths. Real, lasting change only comes from knowing what the RIGHT behavior looks like and then practicing until it becomes second nature.

That’s because developing these core strengths is a lot like working out at a gym to build physical strength. People learn how to do an exercise, but then they need to follow up with lots of practice and repetition. As their muscles get stronger, the exercises get easier.

Improving job performance works the same way. That’s because: Knowing how to do something is not the same as doing it.

We created Strong for Performance to give people the follow-up and reinforcement they need to take a skill from mediocre to awesome.