What others say about Meredith Bell

Dr. Mark Goulston, CEO at The Goulston Group

“Meredith is the poster child for my recommendation to people in the business world of ‘be generous and multiply.’ Not only are her skills and products top notch to nail down the most elusive aspects of coaching, i.e. follow through and accountability, Meredith is pure delight to work with and you’d be fortunate – as I am – to call her your friend. She is one of the most enthusiastic, upbeat, responsive people with competence and capability to equal all those rare qualities that you will ever meet.”

Chuck Berke, Ph.D., CEO, Berke Associates, LLC

“Meredith Bell is a rare and special person in so many ways. She understands, as few others do, that we get more of what we want by helping others get more of what they want. That is unusual enough. But Meredith takes this knowledge a step further. She helps people because that is her purpose. She doesn’t ask for or expect anything in return when shares her gifts in the service of others.

“Although she and I had known each other only a short time, she offered to conduct a video interview about a book I had written. That in and of itself would have been a kind and helpful thing to do. However, Meredith didn’t stop there. She read the book and prepared for the interview as if it was the most important thing she had to do. She asked pertinent and insightful questions that made it clear to me that she understood what my book was about. Her intelligence, understanding and grasp of the material showed through in the interview.

“Meredith and her partners have created a business predicated on their purpose of helping others. They’re Strong for Performance Program is powerful, easy to use and would be of great value to any organization looking to develop its leadership talent. Whether you decide to work with her company or not, I highly recommend you introduce yourself to Meredith. It will affirm or restore your faith in the basic decency of human beings.”

Jodi Flynn, Founder, Women Taking the Lead

“When I grow up I want to be just like Meredith Bell. She is one of the most thoughtful networkers I have ever met. Meredith sees trends and connections and knows how to align people to create new opportunities. This is a clear reflection of the work she is doing for leaders to help them inspire others.”


Ken Blackwell, CEO, InKlaritas

“Simply put, Meredith is a class act. She builds lasting relationships based on trust, integrity and truly caring about the other person. Our 20 year business collaboration is just one example of the many she has created in her long career. Meredith’s interest in my personal and professional success makes her more than just a vendor, to me she’s a key business partner. I never speak to her without coming away richer for the conversation – she always has a new idea or concept that she’s recently learned that she’s anxious to share. She is constantly thinking about how she can be value-added to me and my customers.

Jason Goldberg, King of Playful Sales, Success and Self-Leadership

“With Meredith, service means she goes out of her way to creatively find opportunities to improve people’s lives, connect them with others who could provide value to them, celebrating and sharing the wisdom and people that she finds inspiring with everyone she connects with and, most importantly, does so without any expectation of reciprocation, no agenda, no ulterior motive. She is a selfless servant, whether within the context of the excellent products and services she provides in her own business or not. Meredith’s playful spirit, genuine caring and excellence serving her clients, prospects and those who aren’t in either one of those categories, is something rarely seen and even more rarely experienced.”

Jose Vasquez, BreakLiner

“Meredith Bell is purely amazing!  She is a brilliant light in this world and I am honored and grateful to know her.  She epitomizes selfless service, charity, and compassion as she helps others meet and exceed their own expectations.  Every conversation with Meredith is insightful, meaningful, and unforgettable and her unique insights in developing and fostering human relationships put Meredith on my short-list of people I call for personal and professional coaching and mentoring.”

Naketa Thigpen, President, ThigPro Balance & Relationships Management Institute

“Meredith is an incredible human being, excellent communicator, and consultant. I had the opportunity to have her speak as a guest on our podcast show, which asks guests to be transparent and truthful as they share more than just tips or how-to’s, they give real tangible value. Meredith gave in abundance and provided the audience with more than they could’ve imagined. I highly recommend all leaders and organizations with leaders they want to retain, work with Meredith!”

Libby Gill, CEO & Founder, Libby Gill & Company

“Meredith’s “Strong for Performance” system is a terrific leadership development and coaching tool. It includes accountability, follow-up and practice all in a great interface that’s easy to navigate. Additionally, Meredith herself is and incredibly generous and thoughtful connector, always the first to ask how she can provide value and help others.”


 Andy Clare, Founder, Behaviour Self Ltd

“I’ve had the pleasure of being a customer and associate of Meredith for over 15 years and in that time she has shared her professional knowledge, skills and experience with generosity – always with the interests of my business at heart. I greatly value her calm and considered insights, along with her deep commitment to helping others develop their potential. Her marketing acumen is wonderfully complimented by a genuine customer centricity that I set as a personal benchmark. And her passion for innovation and finding new ways to approach challenges is refreshing and inspiring.”

Suzie Price, Founder, Priceless Professional Development

“I’ve worked with Meredith from almost the beginning of my business – back in 2004 – 2005. I consider her one of my go to, most trusted colleagues. She does what few do well – be a Consultant to the Consultant. She always listens and provides helpful and thoughtful insight and encouragement. She freely shares resources, tools and ideas that help me be a better consultant and deliver more value to my clients. She’s fun, personable, reliable, thoughtful and considerate. As soon as you begin talking with her – you know she is looking for ways to be of service.”

Gary Sapir, President, Integrated Performance Resources, Inc.

“I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Meredith Bell for over 15 years. Not only is she a knowledgeable and skilled professional but she is also a delightful and supportive human being who shares and spreads her positive attitude and generous encouragement with all who are fortunate to know her. Meredith has provided me with targeted and strategic assistance on many projects that benefited from her measured, thoughtful and logical approach. Her deep knowledge of employee development/learning and organizational development methodologies always have proved to be invaluable when formulating strategies for assisting clients. Working with Meredith is more like spending time with a dear family member and feeling enriched for doing so.”